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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Cooperation on community imagination is largely seen in all through the art history or human establishments. Cubism is mostly remembered by Pablo Picasso and as the same movements is understand from other fellow artist participations. The expressions are classified by behavior of the environment and it requirement, documentation, tracing the existence, transformation n, influence of the environment so on.

Participatory Art practice

Human cooperation’s are my study material is that not only the total amount of work done. Are also the collective sensibility happens to be subconscious (like from the conscious learning of driving then to be an expert to use only the reflex and be only subconsciously driving). These subconscious act is collectively been a great cooperation on road as participation.

Visual Arts works influences from my coexistence.

Documented’ collection of hologram stickers found on liquor bottles

Snapshots from the video work “I AM” – Ants fetching sugar water

Subconscious practice

subconscious activities of the co passengers , like scratching the paint of train, tearing seats rolling down their tickets, Holograms being stick on wall of the TASMAC shop (holograms on liquor bottle)and then in pan shops. In subject see the practice of human in different area of interconnection. The repentance or more than once of a doing is collectively draw to figure the practice.

Individual producing the same work (hundred number of chair on same design) as the requirement prescribe to be same. The collective cooperation set up to interact and produce the same design.

Practice base research:

My research and practice on participatory and subconscious practice is to draw more of the describe documentation and procedure to understand the relational practices in the field of Art.

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